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Save the Fish !!



Satisfying our demand for seafood is causing untold damage to the natural functioning of our ecosystems. Our oceans are rapidly being depleted of fish and many species forced to the brink of economic extinction. The Food and Agriculture Organization estimates that nearly 80% of world fish stocks are being exploited at or beyond sustainable levels.

With an average of 100,000 tons of seafood consumed each year, Singapore is one of the biggest seafood consumers in Asia-Pacific. It is also an important seafood hub and almost all of it is imported from the Coral Triangle, the world’s most diverse marine environment.

This guide uses an internationally agreed method to assess seafood sustainability to help you make the best seafood choices. It groups some of the most popular seafood species in Singapore into 3 categories:

RECOMMENDED: From well-managed, sustainable stocks with are not considered to be over-exploited. These species are the preferred eating choice.

THINK TWICE: From fisheries that are at risk of becoming unsustainable, due to management, environmental or stock issues. Only eat these species occasionally, if recommended options are not available.

AVOID: Considered to be over-exploited, or from unsustainable, overfished and poorly managed fisheries. Avoid eating these species at present.

You can make a difference. Help safeguard the future of our fisheries and other marine life by only choosing seafood from sustainable sources that are fished and farmed responsibly.
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