A message to the new government

Mr. New Government, I have some small favor to ask from you.

Besides those you promised during the election campaign, here is some other request that I would like to remind you and please add these items to your to-do list:

  1. Reinitiate the investigation of 1MDB
  2. Working to unfreeze 1MDB asset and money held up by the foreign government
  3. Free up Rafizi and reinitiate Sharizat Jalil case
  4. Revisit Altantuyaa case, you need to find out the truth how the murderer able to obtain C4, who changed the record of immigration, and who is the mastermind
  5. Reinitiate Teo Beng Hock case
  6. Set up systematic ways to allocate sufficient funding to SMJK/SRJK
  7. Recognize Unified Examination Certificate (UEC)
  8. Build sufficient school based on needs, not based on political bargaining
  9. Improve education system (all level)
  10. Abolish ISA
  11. Improve public security and the efficiency of the police force
  12. Reinstate election for local municipal council
  13. Revisit Laporan Ketua Audit Negara and please catch all those big fishes
  14. Reinstate the independence of the judiciary department

Now Mr. New Government, the ball in on your court, you have no excuse anymore.

(The list will go on…)



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