Something about me

My name is Jac.

Key of Friendship

Key of Friendship

I was born in a small family in Malaysia.

I studied in one of the tops and famous school in Malaysia (but the problem is I’m not the top student). It is a Chinese secondary school, and that’s why my Chinese is much better than English.

I graduated from local university, one of the government-owned university which strives to be world class university, but, in fact, what they did were always toward the opposite direction. 🙂

The university is famous for its engineering courses among others local university, but yet, a typical Malaysia style university – “first-class infrastructure, third class mentality”.

That’s why till now Malaysia Government still wondering why Malaysia’s universities’ ranking become worse and worse every year…

After my graduation and I work as an Engineer in an overseas MNC.

The working life in overseas makes me realized how terrible is in Malaysia.

At here, I no need to worry about my personal safety; no need to worry how the government wasting my income tax; no need to worry how the government carries out some white elephant planning (like Port Klang Free Zone)….etc.

Quoted what SP (one of my best friend) said, “Time is flying away and never wait for us….”,

I also realized that I’m getting older and older because of his grey hair. Ha!

Since I started work, every day I drown in work and overtime. Then because of SP, I realized that it’s meaningless if day pass day like this.

I know SP more than 24 years since secondary school.

We joined the same school activity, entered the same University, studied the same course, stayed in the same house during university life, work in the same place, and now, though we have our own family, what he left in my mind will not disappear.

I started this blog partly is also because of him..

Hope you enjoy my blog and may happiness be with you always.

  1. hey there,

    hope you still remember me, i am li yan’s brother, your senior from JSHS and JSRC. any clue? i am glad that you guys are still meeting up with all the buddies (war mate perhaps..hahaha), saw some your photos, great work guys. proud of you guys. as for us, JSRC 95 still good. some married some still trying to get married. yup, we all still do meet up sometimes, but all have different life and venue, locally and internationally. anyway, just saying here, really happy to see you guys all fully grown. take care dude.

  2. I was read thru all your posted articles…one by one…Most of the time I am enjoy and have fun when read your articles…I feel great and supprise with your ideas expressed in your articles…nothing can i do but only to support you by waiting for your next posting here…Dear! I love your writting much and much deeper~! GAMBATEH..BOY BOY~!!!

  3. Hi! This is my first times reading your story. But I am wandering how many percent of trust that I can offer! Not too bad, I know a lots of Malaysian worked in Singapore, make good income, enjoy the second grade citizen facilities and …..etc.
    Is this true? Hope to hear from you soon.

  4. Thanks for reading my blog.

    First of all, it is pointless for me to make some false fact in my blog. So I think it is safe for you to offer your trust. ha!

    To work in Singapore here, what I think is more essential is how do you look at this country.

    From the past few years that I have stayed in Singapore, it makes me realize why that Malaysia is fall far behind Singapore even Malaysia have plenty of natural resources.

    No matter in terms of public security, government management, university management and etc..There a still a long way for Malaysia to catch up.

    I think we can discuss this deeper if you are interested. 🙂

  5. By chance I opened your blog. It seams to be so interesting. I hope that you have more writing in English.



    • thanks.
      haha, however, I’m also a person quite concern about my own privacy.
      So i can’t give you my facebook name here ^_^

      but you can leave your comment here and i’ll try my best to reply.

  8. Hey! I was in JSHS too!

  9. YJ,最近真的很忙啊?期待你的新作品叻!

  10. 其实我以为你写部落是因为pixie~ yu ting~



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