Something about 江湖笑

The first version of this blog was born in May 2007.

This is also my first blog that I started to join in the bloggers’ cyber-space.

One of the main purpose that I started this blog is to promote more civic conscious, to encourage reader think deeply inside their heart, especially in the aspect of Environment and Politics.

This is because I think that these are the 2 main aspects are the one that most of us usually take for granted.

Most of us even had neglected the power of collective will from each individuals and also forgotten what individuals can do in order to make this world better.

What was killing me was the management of the entire blog which involves a lot of programming scripts. These scripts seems like a horrible nightmare to me.

So I have to spend lots of time drilling into the code and syntax. However, since currently I’d switched to for this 2nd version of my blog, it saves me lots of trouble.

Blog Structure

There are 2 main parts of this blog.

  1. My Article:
  2. This is the article all written by myself. Most of them are about environment and social politics.Each title of the article which under this category will start with “#~~” in order to indicate the accumulative number of the articles.

  3. Daily News Commentary:
  4. This is a short commentary (with my own opinion) for daily news.

Hope you all enjoy while reading my blog. 🙂 If have any opinion or anything that you didn’t agree with my point of view, welcome to write down in the comment box. Thanks.



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